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Public Relations and Promotion for the health and wellness industry

At RCH100 we are passionate about turning the tide in favour of better health for everyone.  

We work with leading brands to manage their PR strategy, through media communications, events, publishing and advertising.

Our mission is to signpost individuals towards transformative health brands and products that empower them to embrace a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle, which we do not only through our PR and events, but also through our ‘Reach for Health’ Shop and Bookshop.

Public Relations

We specialise in Traditional PR.  

Traditional PR encompasses a long-established and classic way of amplifying brand awareness.  It uses timeless communication outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, books, events and sponsorship to reach target audiences.  It has been around for as long as PR efforts have existed. 

At David Reach 100 PR we lead with traditional PR strategy as the framework for all our client campaigns.  We work with either clients’ in-house digital teams, or our specialist partner digital marketing agencies to support digital PR strategy. 

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Reach for Health Shop

The Reach for Health Shop is a portal that signposts you to some of the best health products, technology and services in the health longevity industry.

Through our shop we aim to help advise and support individuals wishing to improve their overall health as we believe promoting the amazing products already out there can help contribute to making society have healthier lifestyles.

Reach for Health Bookshop

The Reach for Health Bookshop is the destination online store featuring books that focus on everything to do with healthy living and preventative healthcare.

We have brought together a collection of all the best books in the preventative healthcare market, written by top medical professionals across the globe. From weight loss to heart health, ultra-processed foods to sexual health, diabetes to motivation, the shop covers it all, and they’re all waiting to be read!


– World Health Organisation


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Join forces with David Reach 100 PR to promote your product or service.

Our bespoke, strategic marketing, PR and sales solutions have unrivalled reach in our market.  If you are interested in finding out more about how the team at David Reach 100 PR can work with you to amplify your product or service, please reach out.